PhD Student in AI for Industrial SoC Design

Science Park 1, Alten­berger Straße 69, 4040 Linz

The Silicon Austria Labs – Doctoral College (SAL-DC) is a novel doctoral training programme for researchers focusing on the field of electronic based systems (EBS). SAL cooperates with industry, academic, and scientific partners on a regional, national, and international level with the aim to build an excellent research network and ecosystem for EBS. Fellows benefit from the training offered by SAL-DC in a highly international, interdisciplinary, and intersectoral setting to become future research leaders.

Your future responsibilities

Due to the ever increasing complexity of circuits and systems, the design of System on Chips starts at high levels of abstrac­tion. Model-based design is a state-of-the-art design method­ology which addresses this devel­op­ment. Here, initial drafts of the design are defined using modeling languages such as UML, SysML, etc. However, already at this stage severe design choices are made which will have a substan­tial impact, e.g., at the even­tual cost of the design. But prop­erly esti­mating those effects is hard to impos­sible using conven­tional methods, which is why those prob­lems are thus far tackled, e.g., by "trial and error", "gut feeling", and "expe­ri­ence of the design engi­neer". This frequently yields situ­a­tions where, after months of imple­men­ta­tions, design choices turn out to not satis­fying the desired objec­tives---a severe threat for time to market which is crucial in the EDA industry.  
Machine Learning re­search in the fields of deep learning, few shot learning, meta learning, rein­force­ment learning, sequence analysis methods like LSTM or Trans­former/​BERT should be performed and new methods to provide improved cost esti­ma­tions should be devel­oped. Onto these esti­mates, design choices can be based to obtain opti­mized SoCs, and even­tu­ally to auto­mate further steps of the design process. Possible industry part­ners (providing corre­spond­ingly needed data and use cases) are avail­able. Results gener­ated by this project will directly be applied in indus­trial prac­tice. 

Your profile

Technical Skills:
  • Master’s degree in computer science, mechatronics, electrical engineering, mathematics, physics, or similar subject
  • knowledge in one or more of the following application domains: circuit and system design, machine learning

Social Skills:
  • willingness and ability to work in a team
  • persistent researcher
  • well-structured and goal-oriented working style
  • reliability and excellent interpersonal skills
  • hands-on mentality

Personal Skills:
  • English level C1

Important Facts

  • Begin­ning of the employ­ment: September 2020
  • This posi­tion is endowed with a gross annual salary of € 40.978 based on the collec­tive agree­ment for re­search („Forschungs-Kollek­tiv­ver­trag“) and depen­ding on your expe­ri­ence and skills.

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