Senior Analog IC Design Scien­tist for Data Conver­ters


Science Park 1, Alten­berger Straße 69, 4040 Linz, Austria

Silicon Austria Labs is perfor­ming cutting-edge re­search in its world-class mmWave RF Lab on the physical layer of RF systems for future 5G/​6G (UE, front and back-haul), and milli­meter-wave imaging/​sensing/​radar appli­ca­tions. In this domain, the mmWave RF Lab colla­bo­rates closely with the Johannes Kepler Univer­sity Linz and leading industry part­ners on e.g. RF/​milli­meter-wave trans­ceiver archi­tec­tures robust in terms of inter­fe­rence and coexis­tence, recon­fi­gurable RF systems for trans­cei­vers and RF/​milli­meter-wave front-end modules (archi­tec­tural reuse and/​or resource sharing), and large-scale phased-array antennas and beam­for­ming struc­tures, which are targe­ting milli­meter-wave and sub-Tera­hertz commu­ni­ca­tions (5G, 6G), radars and imagers. In support of the design activi­ties the mmWave RF Lab is equipped with the best in-class test infra­struc­ture covering the GHz and low THz frequency range.

Your future responsibilities

  • Invol­ve­ment in speci­fi­ca­tions of analog portions of an IC
  • Beha­vioral mode­ling to vali­date archi­tec­tures
  • Tran­sistor-level feasi­bi­lity studies for various blocks in ADC/​DACs with a focus on SAR-ADCs
  • Imple­men­ting blocks and docu­men­ting design towards formal design reviews
  • Drive layout and top-level simu­la­tions to vali­date top-level inte­gra­tion
  • Defi­ning test-plans on subblock, block and system level
  • Taking lab measu­re­ments to vali­date analog designs
  • Design for ESD comp­li­ance

Your profile

  • Proven record of taking high perfor­mance CMOS circuits to produc­tion
  • Deep know­ledge of ADC/​DAC archi­tec­tures and knowing which are suitable for given appli­ca­tions
  • Deep know­ledge of band-gaps, bias, op-amps, swit­ched-cap circuits, LDOs, feed­back and compen­sa­tion tech­ni­ques
  • Proven exper­tise in the follo­wing areas:
  • Signi­fi­cant know­ledge of low noise design tech­ni­ques
  • Signi­fi­cant know­ledge of high preci­sion tech­ni­ques in presence of device mismatch
  • Expe­ri­ence in beha­vioral mode­ling (C / Matlab)
  • Strong device physics know­ledge as it applies to analog IC designs
  • Exten­sive working expe­ri­ence in measu­re­ments e.g. using spec­trum analy­zers, oscil­lo­scopes, signal gene­ra­tors, etc. to vali­date analog designs
  • Master's degree with 5+ years in related area of exper­tise or PhD with 2 years of expe­ri­ence

Important Facts

  • Begin­ning of the employ­ment: as soon as possible
  • This posi­tion is endowed with a gross annual salary of € 52,584 based on the collec­tive agree­ment for re­search („Forschungs-Kollek­tiv­ver­trag“) and depen­ding on your expe­ri­ence and skills.

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